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Educational base

Educational base The laboratories of the Centre Acquaintance with the laboratories and work on the equipment (for probationers, studying individual procedures) obligatory included in educational program. Educational classes Educational process is realized in conference hall of Research institute of perspective researches and innovative technologies in the field of health and safety and in special educational class. The premises are equipped with modern demonstrational technique. Computer class for education of using special database and computational programs began to function at November 2006 . Drill field “Place of fire inspection” The drill field is designed for practical studies of fire place inspection tactic, different objects’ thermal damage, taking of evidences, preparation of fire place inspection protocol. There are different premises’ interior fragments, technological and electric equipment, burned out cars at the field drill. The museum of evidences There is a collection of different instruments, devices of domestic and industrial design and its fragments with specific traces of fire dangerous accidental processes.

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