The Fire Expertise Research Centre is leading forensic expertise subdivision of Federal Fire Prevention Service of Russia.

The Centre does execute expertise of fire cases and scientific researches in the field of fire-technical expertise.

The Fire Expertise Research Centre was organized in accordance with The Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters (EMERCOM of Russia) order №745 from 14.10.2005/order №86 from 27.02.2014 “Concerning the creation of forensic expertise establishments and expert subdivisions of federal fire prevention service”.

The fire expertise centre is leading national forensic expertise subdivision EMERCOM of Russia federal fire prevention service and does execute its activity comprising St.Petersburg University of State Fire Service of EMERCOM of Russia.

There are 29 scientific workers at the Centre – experienced scientists and practical specialists, including 11 candidates of science. The centre has 5 laboratories, educational and computer classes.


The main tasks of centre are:

• forensic expertise establishments and expertise subdivisions system’s leading expert preparation of normative-legal acts’ design at the field of  EMERCOM of Russia Fire Prevention Service forensic expertise activity;
• organizational-methodic supervision subdivision’s authority realizing;
• forensic prevention establishments and expertise subdivisions;
• execution of scientific researches at the fire expertise field, implementation and introduction of new technique and methods.


The centre in accordance with his aims realizes the following main functions:

1) implements:
• offers for organization improvement forensic expertise activity;
• normative-legal acts designs and also methodic materials in the field of forensic expertise activity;
• new methods and technical facilities of fire’s research and expertise;

2) realizes:
• the working out forensic expertise establishments and expertise subdivisions system activity, development and improvement’s main trends;
• providing of information for forensic expertise establishments and expertise subdivisions;
• approbation of new techniques, instruments and equipment samples, developed by other establishments and departments;
• the provision of  best samples introduction to forensic expertise and expertise subdivisions practical activity;
• education and certification of forensic expertise establishments and expertise subdivisions experts;
• execution of forensic and other expertise, including repeated, commission and complex ones on the most complicated cases of fires and on the cases of delinquencies;
• preparation of expert’s conclusions according the type of their activity;
• co-worker’s participation in investigative and forensic activity as experts and specialists;
• the evaluation of  buildings, structures and design documentation to requirements of actual normative documents concerning fire safety, comprising execution of fire risk calculations.

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