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The department of calculative methods and informational technologies in the fire expertise

The main objectives of the department are the development of new and improvement of existing calculation methods and applications software used in the study and examination of fire, carrying out research in the field of information security forensic institutions, as well as employees of FPS, performing the study of fires. Department in accordance with the tasks assigned to it does the following: Development and improvement of calculative methods used in the study of fires, including fires in the methods of research, the study of traces of fire and physical evidence seized from fire; development of algorithms for implementation, the definition of the structure of databases, programming and debugging of complex software for workstations and reference and information systems; preparation and execution of the technical documentation and submission of development in a single fund software FGBU of Fire Prevention; conducting the trial operation Center developments in expert FPS units, their completion and commissioning; the creation of a fund Center informational support forensic expert institutions and departments, including the own design and software developed by other organizations and are intended for further implementation, as well as research and literature on the study of fires on magnetic and optical media; development and maintenance of the official website FERC the Internet; training of experts to investigate the fire information technology and application of computational methods in the investigation of fires; research and teaching expertise of specialists in the field of fire safety. Head of Department - Arthur A. Tumanovsky, ​​tel. +7 (812) 441-07-46

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